Participate in an immersive 15-day experience to learn how to design, implement and evaluate evidence-based programs to improve the mental health of communities in low-resource settings, from some of the best minds in the world.


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Welcome to the Leadership in Mental Health Course website!​
The course is organised by Sangath, a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation, that has been at the forefront of the global mental health movement for a quarter of a century.
Since 2008, we have trained a diverse cohort of over 400 local and international participants to develop their leadership capacity in the context of the emerging global mental health movement, by promoting skills to develop and scale-up mental health interventions, and strategies to overcome barriers in resource-constrained settings, with emphasis on low-and-middle-income countries. 
You should attend this course if you are seeking an opportunity to enhance your understanding and skills in the field of global mental health.
No prior experience in a clinical specialty related to mental health is required to attend.

In Week 1, the following topics will be covered: introduction to Global Mental Health, developing services for maternal mental health, prevention of mental health problems, developing community-based programs, creating technology-enabled programs for mental health, and human rights and mental health.

In Week 2, we will discuss the following: scaling up mental health programs, rights of mental health service users and civil society action, public engagement for mental health, and developing and evaluating stigma reduction programs.


Over the course of Weeks 1 and 2, participants will receive mentorship and guidance on developing, monitoring and evaluating a mental health care plan for a real-life project.

The course is ideal for:

Individuals who have at least some experience in the mental health sector, and are passionate and committed to improving care at a population level.


Students who are interested in building a career in global mental health.

Global mental health focus

Learn how to make the case for and set priorities within global mental health

Understand the treatment and credibility gaps

Action-oriented curriculum

Learn how to design your own evidence-based, scalable and sustainable mental health programs

Learn how to measure and evaluate the impact of community-based, facility-based, and technology-enabled programs

Multi-disciplinary faculty

Critically engage with successful for mental health challenges across the lifespan


Learn from academic and non-academic experts in stigma reduction, public engagement, disability and human rights, law and policy, etc.

Diverse classroom cohort

Interact and socialise with a diverse and curated group of participants who bring a variety of local and global perspectives, challenges and experiences to the classroom