About Sangath

  • Sangath is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation committed to improving health across the lifespan by empowering existing community resources to provide appropriate physical, psychological and social therapies. 


  • Founded in 1996, Sangath's mission and expertise lie in developing and evaluating mental health interventions to be delivered through existing public systems.


  • Its primary focus areas include child development, adolescent and youth health, mental health and chronic disease.

  • The philosophy of the organization is based on integrating affordable and effective interventions to ultimately scale up through sustainable health systems.​​


  • It has two centres in Goa, projects across India, collaborations with world-leading institutions, and international recognition for its path-breaking community research and intervention programmes.

  • Sangath was awarded the 2008 MacArthur Foundation International Prize for Creative and Effective Institutions and 2016 WHO Public Health Champion of India for outstanding contribution to public health in the country.


  • Its research has been cited in 4 recent Lancet series (child development, mental health, adolescent health, universal health care in India) and two World Health Reports (2001 and 2005) as well as influencing research groups and health policy in India, Nepal, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia and South Africa.

  • Sangath’s research findings are influencing model scale-up through India’s National Mental Health Program and it is the nodal agency for the Movement for Global Mental Health (www.globalmentalhealth.org).

Please visit www.sangath.in for more information.