Course Fees

Fees for 2022 are as follows:

Indian residents:

Early bird rate: Rs. 20,000

Regular rate: Rs, 24,000


Residents of low-income countries:   

Early bird rate: $880

Regular rate: $1000

Residents of low/upper middle-income countries:  

Early bird rate: $1100

Regular rate: $1300


Residents of high-income countries:   

Early bird rate: $1650

Regular rate: $2000

*Early bird rates will apply if you pay before 30th June 2021

Please note: We follow the World Bank's classification of countries by income. Please check the income status of your country here before paying the fee.

What does this include?

These fees cover participation in the course and course materials.

Cancellation charges

  • Cancellation upto 6th October, 2021 - Refund after 10% deduction from fees.

  • Cancellation upto 1st January, 2022: Refund after 50% deduction from fees.


  • Cancellation after 1st January, 2022: No refund

In case the course cannot be conducted face-to-face and has to be cancelled because of COVID-19 related restrictions, we will refund the entire fee to the participants.

This is applicable only if the course is cancelled by the organisers.