what have people said about the course?

“LMH enabled me to gain the knowledge and skills to advocate for mental health for all. As a social worker, I was aware of the extent of the problem and the strategies used in developed countries to address mental illness, but LMH exposed me to evidence-based practice in low resource settings. Since participating in this training and conference, I feel better equipped to design programs that utilise the knowledge I have gained to ensure that mental health is the foundation of all interventions.”


- Shermin Moledina, Class of 2016


“I enjoyed the workshops the most because they gave insight into practical perspectives of public health, like prioritising our (health) challenges, convincing the stakeholders and policymakers.”

- Dr. Ashish Pundhir,

Class of 2017

“Leadership in mental health course was a unique experience that brought an instant awakening about the many interconnected and diverse aspects of development and implementation of mental health programmes. I have continuously applied these insights in my work thereafter and that has enhanced the quality of my modest contributions.”


- Rachana Parikh, Class of 2016